Date: 11th June 2010 at 9:51am
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The English Premier League, Chelsea and Manchester City may have the money but Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool most certainly have the debt. England have the wags and weight of expectation of a nation Algeria have the hopes and dreams. But nothing at this world cup is black and white or set in stone just yet.

In truth The Town not the Toon, have none of the above, well cash on the hip aside judging by the signings and the gossip, but there are few clubs fans that truly embrace irony, doom and gloom with such humour as the Mariners. Perhaps it is the mix of Danish Celtic and Anglo Saxon blood that sees resurgence just when all seems lost. The Town trait though is to never lose site of right and wrong, black and white.

We have seen boom and bust since the Danes founded a mere settlement on the Haven in the ninth century, yet despite it all here we still stand. Then in the latter half of the 19th century the Town went from 8,000 to 75,000 in an unprecedented boom. In 1877 a second fish dock was completed to support the world`s greatest fishing fleet. In 1878 a fledgling footballing institution was founded as Grimsby Pelham after the family name of the Earl of Yarborough, the big local landowner. In 1879 the Alexander and Union docks were completed along with a change in name for what would become a proud institution, and Grimsby Town it was and is, Blue Square not so blue sea and all.

Perhaps it is part of the North Lincolnshire psyche but yes it really is as simple and straight forward as black and white akin to the fate of one of our nation`s true primary industries – the fishing game. The decay and demise during our clubs own miserable last decade has lasted almost as long as the Football Leagues oldest Stand. Yes our Main stand, with us since 1901, two years after Peter Blundell moved us to our spiritual home, has had to give up its title too now we are ‘Non League`. As the Mancs say when someone else wins the League the current holders are only renting that title, we’ll be back warts and all.

One part of that resillient local psyche is the desire to transcend the stall set out in front of us, more than a glimpse of which screams at us from the new badge. Spy the proud red 3D trawler and fish at its heart. Loud, proud full of a fire and passion that says our hopes and dreams will never be extinguished. The embers can still be seen despite the latest downpour. Nice sentiment ‘but where is the war chest to make it happen` says the Viking blood running through those Mariners veins?

Indeed not so black and white and rather fortunately with football there is always a way back if you have two owners with a genuine passion for the game, who value the local institution and may yet get us our shining new stadium. Not grey but Great Coates, something again not so black and white more shining silver.

But this is Blue Square Grimsby, so first things first eh? Let`s get back in the League and back into the Championship where the club have resided for most of its life, bar the dozen years in the very top flight itself

We can and we will do this. Be loud and be proud, for the crusade to put North Lincolnshire back on the map starts in every Grimbarian from this day forth.

Grimsby Our Town Our Club our heart beat
Look for the news next May, there will be no rainbow but like the new badge the good news will be in Black & White & Read All Over.

Grimsby may be a million miles from sunny South Africa but our dreams and aspirations are just as important, just as big just as English and proud. Didn’t you know the power of Local is the next thing to go global.

Grimsby our Town Our Club!
Its Vital that we believe Blundell Is Bouncing back.
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