Date: 19th September 2007 at 12:27pm
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The statement was released by the board and chairman this morning on Town`s Official Website after the chairman and manager have been coming under increasing pressure from the supporters. It talks about the support of the club, performances and the new ground as well as more.

The chairman
‘Where is all of the support? Irrespective of the really good home performances, we have struggled for an elusive win in the Football League. An additional three points would elevate us to around half way, yet there are some sections of the fans saying that we should already throw the baby out with the bath water and others who just stay away from Blundell Park when we need them most.
Sadly in spite of playing attractive football we have only drawn our first three home games. Attendances have dwindled and that is not helping the Club’s financial cause. To compound this, the atmosphere in the ground has been lacking which doesn’t help, although the fans that do come have been fantastic’.

Club Statement
Stability is what the Club is craving for and the Chairman believes, with current performances, wins will come.

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have to be patient and have faith. Alan Buckley is building something with foundation. He is also developing our youngsters into first team regulars like no other manager that I have worked with.
Fans want us to sign players and get wins. It might surprise some but the Board are fans too and want the same. We are trying desperately hard to achieve this, but we need a break, a bit of luck and a few scruffy goals wouldn’t go amiss to go with our good performances.
We have been working tirelessly since before the start of the season to try and bring key players to the Club, in particular a striker and a defender. Only last week two more Championship strikers, who simply did not want to come to Grimsby, knocked us back. This was after agreeing terms with their respective clubs. That’s a player’s prerogative and although we may not like it, for many reasons Blundell Park is not the attraction of the past.
The Club requires a substantial financial injection within the next two months, in excess of two hundred thousand pounds, to pay its way. So far home attendances have been below budget and if this trend continues, even that amount of money will not be enough to see us through to the end of the season.
We also have approximately three hundred and fifty thousand pounds to find over the next two years to pay off the tax debt baggage from the past. Additionally, considerable sums have been invested into the Club’s plans to relocate to Great Coates. This has been additional investment and not at the expense of the playing budget which some sections of the fans prefer to believe.
Sustainability will only come from a relocation enabling us to compete with the many other clubs who have already relocated. We have fallen behind. Even Scunthorpe are again considering relocating from Glanford Park, the ground they only moved into in August 1988. Wouldn’t it be ironic if they achieved a second relocation before us?
Grimsby Town Football Club’s plans to relocate are vital to its survival and are the only hope of attracting short term bridging investment helping to give the Club a long term future’.

Club Statement
The Board have never been shy of opening the door to new potential Board members. This has been well publicised.
There simply is not a stampede looking to take over the Grimsby Town Football Club or join the Board of Directors. If there was, it would make the Chairman’s job a lot easier. The Board are not precious about their constitution, equally if there is someone who can do a better job as Chairman they should stand up to be counted, because he only want what’s best for the Club when all is said and done.

‘The Club needs additional money. I would prefer others to share the financial burden as I have invested a king’s ransom already into this football club and do not see a limit to that or getting it back (contrary to some sections speculation) I have never charged a penny interest nor will I get rich out of the sale of Blundell Park, every penny and more is needed to help fund the new stadium. Simply put I am not prepared to, year in, year out prop up the Club’s finances at Blundell Park if we lose the opportunity for relocation and consequently the sustainability, which the Board is working so very hard to achieve.
Blundell Park remains unsustainable. In the mean time, the Club needs a new ground, new money and additional fans for it to continue to be an asset to Greater Grimsby’

Club Statement
If you are out there and can make a difference, the Club needs you and your support!
Contact the Chairman on 01472-605050