Date: 5th September 2010 at 10:20am
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The First ever Premiersportstv live game, the innovative new share TV initiative kicked off with the heavyweight hatters at Grimsby Town a side down but certainly not out on this performance. The resilience of the Grimsby Grinder, Kempson chewed the cud with Crow for a well deserved first ever Premiersportstv man of the match; saw Connell and Cummins capitalise at the other end. With the defensive sextet back it woes clean sheets and double rations of rum all round for the Mariners.

The Teams

Woods hired in owl O`Donnell and Bore and Ridley return at full back much to the Pontoon, somewhat restless at losing both and a keeper for the last two games. Wood moved from left back to left wing for a birthday TV present, wiith Charles Ademeno back in the treatment room. Gobern continued on the right whilst Cummins and Hudson worked the front end of the Grinder in the centre. Peacock and Connell the Blundell Park Blunderbuss threatened to fire on all cylinders up front.

38 O’Donnell
2 Bore 5 Kempson 16 Watt 3 Ridley
7 Gobern 8 Cummins 4 Hudson 19 Wood
10 Peacock 17 Connell
30Croudson (G)6 Garner (D)15 Samuels(D) 29 Eagle (M) 23 Corner (F)

As expected Richard Money made a couple of changes one enforced and one tactical. Despite Murray making it Newton joined him in midfield with Drury out suspended. Gallen also rather surprisingly replaced Crow up front next to the huge spectre of Barnes-Homer

1 Tyler (G)
6 Pilkington 13 Kroca 2 Gleeson 12 Blackett
18 Gnakpa 14 Murray 7 Newton 4 Keane
20 Gallen 9 Barnes-Homer
30 Pilkington (G)15 Howells(D)17 Besta(M) 10 Atieno (F) 19 Crow (F)

But to the game me hearties, to the game??.

The Hatters headed towards the Pontoon, having won the toss, and electing to kick the historic occasion off. In truth they forced the game although the Grimsby grinder was sucking them in ready to counter at the whisper of a North Sea wind change. Newton, clearly in the Luton side for his long throws, was meat and drink to Kempson and Watt the imperious Grimsby centre back pairing. Ridley conceded an early freekick to lively counterpart Gnapka, allowing Gallen the first crack at goal. It beat the wall but not the watchful gaze of our on-loan owl O`Donnell, who was swiftly down to his right superglue-gloves working well.

Gallen again worked the pulse rate latching onto a cute Kean throughball, and controlling with the touch and coordination of a true Romeo, he rifled a crisp volley bound for goal. Never fear Kempson`s here as the hero put life and body on the line to deflect the ball for a corner. From the corner Murray found the crossbar with the Hatters pitching camp on our very dockside.

The tide was on the turn after that 10 minute salvo, the dominant visitors having failed to capitalise. Kempson clearly a force at both ends crashed a towering header over the bar. Connell, the goal machine and creative force in his own back yard began to get into the game. His is an ability to conjure backed by a demon drumbeat suggesting those in black and white should more than dare to dream. A vampire slaying cross from Gobern saw him caress the precious at a good 20 paces, before blasting a warning shot just over Tyler`s bows or bar to the landlubbers amongst us.

The home Town were now in the ascendancy although Gnapka at times needed two`s up with Ridley and Wood clearly told to stifle any attacking instincts. He fashioned another chance for Gallen who looked a candidate for scurvy given Watt and Kempson were peeling he and Barnes-Homer like oranges in their pockets, without spilling a drop.

Connell conjured space and room for himself only to be denied by Tyler at the expense of a corner. Gobern put over a delightful effort but as Kempson headed into the danger area Blanket`s outstretched hand intervened. The hand of cod seemed worthy of a penalty and in fairness just the booking as Blundell Park awaited the penalty with baited breath. Connell calmly and firmly fired inside the right hand post despite Tyler guessing right to give us a relieved 30th minute lead. We were off the hook, the Fisheries were flying – we`d be frying with garlic butter up the Clee Road tonight.

The deadbolt thrown at the back the counter attacking passing game saw out the half with both sides styles easier on the eye than the Blue Squares reputation might otherwise suggest. Connell again turned on a sixpence to shoot wide. Kempson and Bore were also dealing superbly with the Barnes-Homer menace. Gallen was again denied by O`Donnell after Murray`s delightful dinked ball.

It was as you were second half , with no changes and Luton going for it early doors Barnes-Homer fired over from 20 yards and Kempson robbed Newton of gravity itself with a well timed challenge. Bore finally crossed the halfway line took a one two with Gobern and smashed one down Tyler`s throat. Barnes-Homer outwitted Kempson who lost his footing, before firing into the base of the near post with O`Donnell beaten. It was end to end stuff now shipmates with Kempson and co reassuringly ensuring all the rigging was tied down for the rest of the game. Oh how the hatters huffed and puffed but the Grimsby grinder was closing this one out and playing some football to boot.

Bore and Wood started to venture forward more with Peacock dropping deep chasing back and inventing from deep. He and Connell covered some ground today though Alan did not deserve a yellow for playing on. We got the winner thanks to a second set piece after Gleeson had manhandled Wood to the ground. Cut him down in his prime, he did with the birthday boy in the middle of a roasting; still I hasten to add very much a footballing term in these parts.

Peacock peach of a freekick was deflected behind for a corner which Gobern gleefully grabbed. Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen would be celebrating and cursing this in equal measure on match of the day, but in everyone`s book it was a worthy winner. A deep corner saw Cummins steam in like a train to head an inter city 125, a non stop point to point excoset express all the way to Christendom. Bless the fish we were 2-0 up as the Pontoon danced all day in the setting sun.

The Hatters were but flattened caps and sought the services of Crow a Grimsby lad born and bred from the bench. But once that Grinder is thrown that`s it in reality. And with Woods on the verge of a midfield boss in the next few days who knows where the fourth placed Mariners could be this time next month when we again enter the nation`s living rooms courtesy of Premiersportstv.