Date: 1st September 2007 at 7:20pm
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Since we failed to sign a permanent striker, I speak out about the transfer window.

Alan Buckley has failed to bring in a permanent striker before last nights transfer deadline.

Is it right for managers to buy a player before the end of august? Or should the transfer window be moved or even scrapped?

In my view managers would be better focusing on pre-season training and when the season is fully under way, then start looking for players to had to their squad.

My personel view is that the end of December or January should be the only deadline managers have for transfers.

We have tried to sign a couple of forwards, including ex-Mariner Jack Lester who turned us down for Chesterfield.

Buckley has made approaches to a few Championship sides but with out success, stating to Mariners World that the players would want Championship wages in League two.

He told Mariners World: “While I’m here to get the best possible football team together that I can, I’m certainly not here to make the club bankrupt through it.

“There have been a few players that I have enquired about who are out of our reach, I think.

‘There are also a couple of young players I have enquired about but I have got young players here.

‘Really, I want a proven front player with a good goal scoring record who can link play as well.

‘I suppose what I’m saying is, I could do with a front player from the Championship on second division wages.’

If the transfer window was to close at let`s say December, then that would give all managers more time to bring in and look around for the players they want.

If a club gets off to a bad start to their campaign, then putting the transfer deadline at December would allow managers a few more months to assemble their squad.

The end of December should be an adequate time to allow for deadline day, not at the end of August.

If a player signs permenatly before the end of August and does not settle in at their new club, they can be stuck their on the side lines waiting for the transfer window to reopen so they can move and get to play games.

So should their be a transfer window at the end of August?

My view is there should not be a transfer window at the end of August. I am all for having transfer window to control managers from buying and selling players wildly, but not that early in the season.

I think there should be one transfer window allowing managers more time at the beginning of the season to bring players in and maybe just have the deadline at the end of December and not allow transfers from 1st January till end of May.

If you want your say on the transfer market or vote for when or if there should be a transfer deadline visit the Vital Grimsby Forums. I have put the poll in the Open Terrace Forum, so other fans can join the debate.