Date: 21st June 2010 at 8:46pm
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Its time for a fishy Fatwa Mr Fenty – the Vuvuzela must perish when the world cup finishes.

Its time for a fishy Fatwa Mr Fenty – the Vuvuzela must perish when the world cup finishes. Even diehard Mariners would prefer being forced to go to a game at Hull City, Scunthorpe united or perennial conference dodgers Lincoln City than sit through those every other week.

Let`s keep the Pontoon and Blundell Park Vuvuzela free shall we? I mean other than completely ripping the traditional home ends heart and soul from the club and killing the atmosphere with a totally incoherent noise; it drowns out any attempt to lift the team. This is something we will need from our famous home end more than ever before this season as the Blundell Bastille bolts the door to invaders.

Never let anyone deny you of one of your Birthrights fellow Mariners. Namely to stand as one every other Saturday with your fellow Grimbarians and to roar on the Mighty Mariners. Pontoon Pat is so angry he`s sawn his wooden leg off and is planning using it as a burning torch. Lincoln based Mariners are arming themselves with pitch forks (fortunately the wrong way round but touched they be)

Long ago air horns were used to start a chant but no more. Then words with meaning and a point ensured the song spread like wildfire amongst the mighty Mariners many fresh from the docks – from Grimsby Pontoon to Blundell Park Pontoon. But the life and soul of the docks carried with it a bond through which sea shanties became terrace shanties and so on. I mean where is the humour in one of those things? No banter with a keeper?

What will lift the lads Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrriiiiiiiiiiinerrrrrrrrrrs! Or that noise. Will we Sing when we are fishing and put some Soul and haddock into it or go and stand in the car park for 90 minutes. So say a big no to any suggestion that the club might invite those hideous things into Blundell Park and in so doing kick 13 decades of culture into touch.

Drive the foe from the fortress fellow Mariners and let us prove the pen, well keyboard is mightier than the sword.

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Now copy and paste this email below (feel free to change it as we have kept it short and clean) and send it to John Fenty via the Grimsby Telegraph Grimby Telegragh email Contacts are Here

Dear Mr Fenty,

Thanks for the continued cash. Ok so we might need a few more foghorns in the home end this season but let`s have them starting chants and not adding to traffic Chaos shall we?

Let us keep things shipshape shall we? So a full Blundell Ban to be the plan please when it comes to fellas selling and using Vuvuzelas in the ground!

So please back a Blundell bounce back built on traditional terrace chants and let us the Codfather and the team do the rest.

Grimsby, our Town our Club, our Songs, simply Vital. .

A mighty Mariner